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Introduction: In a memorandum dated 7th January, 1830 from the Superintendent of the Settlement to the Magistrates, they were informed that a British Mexican Pocket (Ship) would be making regular calls to Belize with of the main purpose to transport mails. He appointed Captain Moriaty of the 2nd West Regiment, as the person to be responsible for all such mails.

It can thus be said that 7th January 1830 is the official date of the establishment of a Post Office in Belize and Captain Moriaty as the first Postmaster.

The Belize City Post Office has had a chequered history, particularly as regards disastrous fires. The Post Office originally seems to have been housed in the court House, but was later to be located on Regent Street, where in 1909 it was completely destroyed by fire, along with all the postal records. Stocks of postage stamps were held at the Treasury and were thus saved. The Post Office was then set up in the Council Chamber in the Public Buildings. On the evening of Saturday, 17 August, 1918, a disastrous fire broke out between the General Post Office and the District Commissioner’s Office. It spread rapidly to the Court House and adjoining buildings; the fire raged throughout the night. The General Post Office and all its equipment was completely destroyed, along with the stamp stocks in the Post Office was then temporarily located on Albert Street, and in fact was to remain there until the new Post Office was erected as part of the Public Buildings in 1930’s.

The Post Office moved to its present site in the 1940’s and was housed in the Paslow Building. The Paslow Building was destroyed in a fire on September, 2002. The Post Office then took up full residence in the Biddles Building where only the Parcel Office was housed.

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