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Direct Express Package Tracking | D速物流 Package Tracking | 山东D速 Package Tracking | Url: [China]
Direct Express (D速物流/山东D速) Web Url:

Introduction: We are entrusted to deliver an item to its destination as quickly as possible. This is our corporate mission. If any factors affect us to complete our mission, we will make decisive efforts and will not change or give up.

In the process of completing the mission, when we must release the interdependence with other companies in the system or business, and complete the work independently, there is a force of sincere respect and public will require us to put our dreams and independent Tell the reason.

Our dream is so simple, when we are wearing a star and wearing a race against time; when we strive to optimize every detail in the delivery process and strive to make the delivery process more smooth; when we are urged, even helpless to serious delays; we established D speed!

D-Speed is our brand new brand and our interpretation of our dreams. Every time we arrive on time, and the touching story behind it is continuously cast on the D-Speed logo. "D"-simply and directly, not only represents our concept of speed, but also the character hidden in the blood.

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