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Introduction: Tiandi Huayu belongs to the SAIC logistics sector, and is also the first batch of "AAAAA" -level logistics enterprises in China. As of October 2018, Tiandi Huayu has 74 cargo transfer centers, more than 2,500 business outlets, nearly 3,000 self-operated vehicles, more than 4,000 operating lines, and more than 360,000 square meters of warehouses in about 500 cities across the country. The headquarters of Shanghai Huazhen Logistics Co., Ltd. is located at 2239 Huaxiang Road, Minhang District, Shanghai. The transportation part of Tiandi Huayu is fully handed over by Shanghai Huazhen Transportation Co., Ltd., a brother company of Shanghai Huazhen Logistics Co., Ltd.

Tiandi Huayu is committed to becoming the leading and most reliable and efficient logistics service provider in China. Its business scope covers: highway express services, warehousing / supply chain services, information technology solutions, etc.

Tiandi Huayu is a leading company in China's highway express industry, and its operating network is one of the largest highway express networks in China. The company's service products include: "Ding Ri Da", "Economic Express", "Easy Home" and "Special Car Delivery", etc., and provide a variety of value-added services such as collection of payment. "Ding Ri Da" is a high-end road express service product launched by Tiandi Huayu for enterprise customers. With the characteristics of "on time, safe and high-quality service", it has become one of the road express products of choice for many enterprise customers including the Global Fortune 500 . The warehouse area operated and managed by Tiandi Huayu exceeds 360,000 square meters, providing high-quality warehousing and supply chain services for major e-commerce companies.

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