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Introduction: Ports and railway transportation occupy an important position in the national economy. Water transportation: The Port of Djibouti is one of the important ports in East Africa. There are currently four port areas, namely the Old Port of Djibouti, the Dohaley Container Terminal, the Dohaley Oil Terminal, and the Dohaley Multifunctional New Port. In 2014, the old port's bulk cargo throughput was 4.273 million tons, and the container throughput was 71,000 TEUs. The Dohaley Container Terminal was put into operation at the end of 2008, with an annual throughput capacity of 1.6 million TEUs. The Doha Lei Oil Terminal is divided into two parts: a terminal and an oil tank area. It was completed in 2005 and its oil throughput in 2013 was 3.6 million tons. The Dohaley Multifunctional New Port held an opening ceremony in May 2017, with a designed annual handling capacity of 7.08 million tons of bulk cargo and 200,000 TEU containers. After the completion of the new port, all the business of the old port will be moved to the new port.

railway: Djibouti is connected with the original narrow-gauge railway in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, with a total length of 850 kilometers and a length of 194 kilometers in Kyrgyzstan. In 2006, the governments of Djibouti and Ethiopia decided to privatize this section of the railway and hand it over to South Africa’s COMAZAR company for 25 years of management. Due to the aging of equipment, the railway freight volume has been declining year by year, and it was suspended in 2012. The Djibouti section of the standard-gauge Ya-Djibouti Railway, which was financed by China, was opened to traffic in January 2017 and put into commercial operation in January 2018.

highway: There are 3067 kilometers of highways nationwide, including 415 kilometers of asphalt roads. The Djibouti National Highway No. 1 connecting Djibouti and Ethiopia is the most important transportation route. The total length of the highway is 910 kilometers, about 240 kilometers in Djibouti. 90% of the freight volume between the two countries depends on this road.

air transport: Djibouti International Airport can take off and land large passenger and cargo planes. Airlines operating in Kyrgyzstan include Air France, Ethiopian Airlines, Regional Air, AIR Yemenia, British Airways, and Eritrea Airways Company (Eritrea Airlines), Djibouti Airlines (Djibouti Airlines) and Somalia Dallo Airlines (Dallo Airlines), etc. Kyrgyzstan Airlines mainly operates routes to Ethiopia, Yemen and Somaliland. The annual passenger traffic is between 26-29 million.

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