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Introduction: The Republic of the Gambia is located on the Atlantic coast of western Africa. It borders the Atlantic Ocean to the west and is tightly surrounded by Senegal in the north, east and south. Its land area is approximately 10,380 square kilometers and a population of approximately 1.78 million (according to 2009 statistics). Most of the races are black and speak English.

The country's economy is underdeveloped, and its income is mainly from agriculture such as peanut planting and tourism. As more places in the Gambia are classified as urban areas, the gap between urban and rural populations is gradually narrowing. Urban migration, construction plans, and modernization have exposed more Gambians to Western customs and values. However, traditional folklore is still rooted in the family in Gambia, and national costumes and celebrations are essential elements of daily life. China and Gambia established diplomatic relations on December 14, 1974. On July 13, 1995, the Gambia government and the Taiwan region resumed the so-called "diplomatic relations"; on July 25, China announced the suspension of diplomatic relations with the Gambia. Formerly a member of the Commonwealth, on October 2, 2013, the Gambian government announced its withdrawal from the Commonwealth. On November 14, 2013, the President of the Gambia issued a statement in his office stating that the Gambian government will sever diplomatic relations with Taiwan, and the severance of diplomatic relations will take effect immediately. According to Reuters, the Gambia stated that the severance of diplomatic relations with Taiwan was due to "national strategic interests."

The Gambia Post has a long, rich and proud history. Nearly 150 years ago, the British colonial government established a postal service in Gambia. In 1976, the postal and telecommunications sector in the Gambia was split into two separate sectors. Gambia Post provides various mail services, including: letter and parcel delivery. In this country, the Gambia Post Company has a legal franchise for the delivery and delivery of items under two kilograms.

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