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Guam Post Package Tracking [Guam]
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Introduction: The basic postage for ordinary postal mail to mainland China, Taiwan or Hong Kong is 80 cents. Most hotels have post boxes and mailboxes, and stamps are also sold at the front desk.

1. The traffic lights on Guam roads are activated only when pedestrians press the keys themselves, and they are super fast. They often turn into red lights after walking less than halfway, but you can rest assured that no car will dare to compete with you. 

  2, the two largest shopping malls in Guam are: Micronesia Mall and DFS Duty Free Shop. Don’t worry about traffic, there are special cars and even taxis to and from the hotel, and you won’t be charged! Guam really works hard to encourage tourists to spend. In the past, the main consumer was Japanese, so you may find the clerk speaks Japanese to you!

3. Cosmetics are the most cost-effective in duty-free shops. After comparison, it is confirmed that the products will not be more expensive than the duty-free shops in the airport, and the goods are more complete. There is an airline counter on the first floor, so that tourists can go through the formalities of boarding, sending luggage, etc., and then rest assured to go shopping. It is really versatile and thoughtful.

4. If you are an unfamiliar tourist, you will definitely find it hard to bear the high prices of Guam’s restaurants; just because Guam doesn’t have any agricultural, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry products, don’t doubt, the tour guide told us that even seafood is imported, so I want to stay here It is best for people who are feasting to have less daydreaming.

5. Guam’s “Three Littles”: fewer people, fewer police officers, and less garbage; “three mores”: more green plants, more Japanese, and more rain. It is necessary to carry rain gear with you, and sun protection tools are also essential.

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