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Introduction: During the reign of the Burmese kings, the royal writings were made by horses. ခြေ လျှင် တော်၊ During the colonial era, in 1827, the Sittwe Post Office was opened. According to historical records, the post office was started in Myanmar by opening the Bago Post Office in 1852 and the Yangon Post Office in 1854. In 1885, he co-administered the post and telegraph. 1937 Until 31 March, the Myanmar Post and Telegraph Office was under the auspices of the Indian Post and Telegraph.

After the war, in 1945, From 8 June, the post office will be headed by the head of the Myanmar Department under the postal administration officer. The Telegraph Department was placed under the Director of Communications. 1947 From December 24, the post will be held at the Post Office. Chief Engineer was also established at the Telegraph Department. From the day of Myanmar's independence (4.1.1948), the postmaster was appointed Minister of Post and Telecommunications. The Chief Engineer was renamed the Director of Telegraphs.

On 4.10.1949, Myanmar became a member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). The Foreign Post Office was established on 5.5.1956.

Since 1959, postal communication to the village; Regular and fast communication; It is learned that development and other projects have been planned and implemented. On 20 January 1960, the Post and Telegraph Departments were reunited and placed under the authority of the Director General.

Prior to the war, there were 625 post offices throughout Myanmar, and since 1976 it has been commercialized. Post Office (195) There are (371) village representative offices with a total of (1369).

Express Money Transfer was established in 1985. It started on June 3 and has been delivered to 166 cities to date.

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