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Post PNG Package Tracking | Papua New Cuinea Post Package Tracking | Url: [Papua New Cuinea]
Papua New Cuinea Post (Post PNG) Web Url:

Introduction: Post PNG is the national Postal Service provider of Papua New Guinea with over 40 Post Offices and approximately 350 employees nationwide. Post PNG is mandated through Postal Services Act 1996 and is responsible for providing postal services including domestic money order (money remittances) in Papua New Guinea.

Post PNG Co., Ltd. was established in accordance with the company's Act, and it was known as the Postal Company until 1996. The Papua New Guinea Post and Telecommunications Corporation was broken down by the government into a postal company and a telecommunications company in 1982. Papua New Guinea Post Company is a government-owned and controlled company headquartered in Port Moresby. Its decision-making body is the six board members, including the general manager who also serves as the company's chief executive officer.

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