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Introduction: RUTRACK - Tracks with increased wear resistance for forwarders and harvesters.

Our company launched the production of anti-skid tracks for wheeled forestry equipment. The RUTRAK brand is the first Russian production of tracks for forwarders and tracks for harvesters. Within the framework of the import substitution project in Petrozavodsk, the first Russian plant for the manufacture of tracks for forestry equipment was opened. Versatile all-terrain tracks for forwarders and harvesters are designed for use on all types of soil, almost any landscape and weather conditions: mountains, swamps, deep snow, ice.

VG30 anti-skid tracks are designed and manufactured on the basis of the world's most effective engineering and technological solutions in this industry. Tracks are manufactured for all types and sizes of wheels. Tracks for harvesters are also available in the VG30 mono-track on one wheel. The longitudinal double ground hook and wide forged track give the anti-skid tracks excellent flotation and the ability to hold the machine on steep slopes. The 28mm diameter hot-rolled link significantly extends track life for harvesters, and most importantly for forwarders, having an advantage over a cast link.

In 2018, new models of Rutrak anti-skid tracks were launched into serial production: Model VG60 for heavy equipment (primarily tracks for a heavy forwarder) and model EKOG28 for medium and light equipment. This model of anti-skid tracks, in terms of its mechanical properties, is not inferior to VG30, at the same time has a more favorable price, while being excellent for a harvester. A track tensioning tool is also available for the entire product line (track tensioning clamp complete with two fixing brackets). The track tensioner is made both for the "Rutrak" profile and in a universal version.

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