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Dex-i (Destination Express International) Web Url:

Introduction: Diyishi Express is an extension of Singapore DESTINATION EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL in China, English abbreviation DEX-I, Chinese registered full name Guangzhou Diyishi International Cargo Agency Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 5 million, mainly engaged in international express door-to-door business, including air freight , Land transportation, air transportation door to door service. With 10 years of dedicated express delivery experience, starting in 2012, the founder led a group of experienced dedicated express line talents to establish a Chinese headquarters, integrate local operation advantages, flight route advantages, international customs clearance and delivery team advantages, and create various Asian The dedicated line, including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries, has developed different service contents and timeliness levels to meet the needs of different customers according to the different backgrounds and conditions of each country.

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