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Introduction: Since the establishment of AAC's affiliated companies in 1982, there have been as many as 20 direct operating locations throughout the Chinese region.

   At that time, due to the fierce competition among the express companies in Taipei City, after careful evaluation, the first business base was set up in Xinzhuang City, Taipei County to serve customers in Taipei County.

At the beginning of its creation, AAC was only a small station for four people. Three young people who wanted to make a fortune and a good friend, adhering to the principle of customer first, started like this

"Express" career. I am very grateful to Mr. Zhang Zhiren and all my good friends for their great help and advice at that time, which accompanied our growth. Hard to imagine our first time

At that time, Zhongzheng Airport had not yet set up a special express area, and all express OBC goods were rushing to counter with passengers. Every evening, the passenger terminal is so lively and scary

Too! Subsequently, in order to rectify the image of the airport, the government set up a "express zone" to centrally manage express cargo.

   However, at this time, Taiwan’s raw materials are lacking, labor awareness is high, and environmental protection struggles are high. Taiwanese businessmen are turning to mainland China for sustainable operations and improving competitiveness.

Set up a factory. In addition, because the two sides of the Taiwan Strait cannot directly sail by sea and air, they must be transshipped through Hong Kong and Macao. The urgent documents and samples have greatly increased the demand for express delivery. The growing AAC is also following

Follow the trend to the mainland. In order to cooperate with Taiwan’s plan to become an Asia-Pacific operation center, the government agency announced the implementation of the Customs Clearance Office for the Import and Export of Express Goods in April 1995.

law. AAC affiliated companies have also applied for registration as legal express delivery companies in accordance with the law.

   Since the "water passenger era" until now, AAC has gone through "express delivery" and understands the needs of customers better. AAC has a mobile team, dedicated service staff,

Provide you with the most professional legal international express service at any time.

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