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Introduction: Dyton Transportation (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: FDE) was established in Taipei in 1982, and officially established its global headquarters in Shenzhen in 1991. Initially based on import and export declarations as the business foundation, and then entered the express delivery field, in order to meet market demand, entered the Hong Kong and mainland markets in 1988, and successively opened dozens of directly operated branches and offices in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan , Has formed a relatively large-scale international express delivery company. Since 2006, in response to market demand, the company has begun to lay out international routes. Based on the direct sales or franchise model, it has opened Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa ... Express delivery business, and focus on serving one system of international logistics supply chain services such as air transportation, shipping, express delivery, warehousing, distribution, etc., so far, our company is still continuously carrying out business in other countries to increase market demand.

Beginning in 2016, the FARDAR brand has been fully upgraded to FDE (FARDAR EXPRESS). The upgraded FDE will provide customers with more comprehensive, higher-quality, and more professional customized services with international Shui Huai. FDE keeps up with the development opportunities of international logistics and continuously improves the ability of integrating logistics resources. Currently has an industry-leading information system, allowing customers to experience the technical advantages brought by online and offline, and integrates the three-dimensional service model of PC plus mobile terminal full network interconnection, in mobile APP, WeChat, 400, official website, etc. Provide customers with convenient services; and formulate solutions suitable for long-term development according to customer business needs. FDE has been committed to expanding the international logistics market for 35 years and has a clear market share. The wind and rain have been running for decades, and they are full of ambition for another year. Thousands of hammers are made to extract the edge, aiming for a new chapter. In this magnificent era of large logistics, FDE people will devote themselves to the great changes of the era, return to their original intentions based on the striver; focus on trust, reach with heart, and make life wonderful because of transcendence.

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